Karma Sanctum Soho



20 Warwick Street,
London W1B 5N


Karma Sanctum Soho

Karma Sanctum Soho is a hidden gem nestled in the vibrant tapestry of London’s Soho district. This modest yet captivating boutique hotel offers a unique retreat for those seeking to experience the eclectic allure of the city’s creative heart.

Each room at this boutique hotel is thoughtfully designed to combine comfort with an artistic flair, providing guests with a cosy haven amidst the dynamic energy of Soho. The hotel’s unassuming exterior belies the warmth and character found within its walls, creating a space that mirrors the neighbourhood’s bohemian spirit.

The hotel understands the essence of Soho’s charm and offers a relaxed atmosphere that complements the area’s unique atmosphere. While the hotel doesn’t boast extravagant luxuries, it provides an intimate and welcoming environment that perfectly captures the essence of Soho’s artistic and cultural scene, making it an understated yet captivating choice for travellers seeking a distinctive London experience.