Ronchini Gallery



22 Dering Street,
London W1S 1AN


Ronchini Gallery

Ronchini Gallery is a prominent contemporary art gallery nestled near Soho, London. Renowned for its commitment to showcasing both emerging and established artists, the gallery provides a platform for innovative and boundary-pushing contemporary art that captivates the imagination.

At Ronchini Gallery, you’ll encounter a diverse array of artistic mediums, ranging from captivating paintings and captivating sculptures to intricate mixed media compositions. Each carefully curated piece is a testament to the artist’s distinctive perspective and artistic expression. The gallery proudly presents works that delve into an array of contemporary subjects, often delving into societal and cultural narratives, while also exploring themes such as personal identity, the environment, and the intricate complexities of the human experience.

Stepping into the gallery, you’re invited to explore a world of artistic exploration and introspection, where the fusion of creativity and thought-provoking concepts come together to engage, challenge, and inspire visitors.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm