The Phoenix Arts Club


Performance & Events Venue

One Phoenix Street,
London WC2H 8BU


The Phoenix Arts Club

The Phoenix Arts Club, nestled in the heart of London’s vibrant Soho district, is a hidden gem that epitomizes the eclectic spirit of the neighbourhood. With its rich history and intimate ambiance, the club offers a captivating blend of entertainment, camaraderie, and artistic expression.

Originally established in 1988 as The Phoenix Theatre Club, the venue has evolved into a haven for artists, performers, and culture enthusiasts. Situated on Phoenix Street, the club’s unassuming entrance belies the captivating world that lies within its walls. Stepping inside, visitors are transported to a bygone era of old-world charm and artistic vibrancy.

The Phoenix Arts Club embraces its role as a multi-faceted arts hub. Hosting a diverse array of events, from cabaret and live music to comedy and theatre, the club’s calendar is a testament to its commitment to supporting emerging talent and celebrating established performers. The intimate setting fosters a strong sense of connection between artists and audience members, fostering an immersive and engaging experience.

With its elegant décor, vintage memorabilia, and welcoming atmosphere, The Phoenix Arts Club exudes a sense of nostalgia while remaining firmly rooted in the present. It’s a place where artists gather to exchange ideas, where laughter and applause fill the air, and where the boundaries between performers and patrons blur in the best possible way.

In a neighbourhood known for its artistic heritage, The Phoenix Arts Club stands as a cherished institution that embodies the soul of Soho. Whether you’re seeking an unforgettable evening of entertainment, a cosy spot to share drinks and conversation, or a place to uncover hidden talents, this unassuming haven continues to captivate hearts and minds, offering an authentic and enchanting experience for all who pass through its doors.